About Us

"I don't want to live in a world where someone else makes the world a better place
better than we do"

Gavin Belson

CEO of Hooli

About Hooli
Hooli was started in 1994 by Gavin Belson from his garage.   Name "Hooli" came from a combination of  words "Hot", "Cool" and letter "i", because Gavin wanted his company to make products that were Hot and Cool.  Letter "i" is for Gavin Belson.
Hooli's first application was a search engine called "Hooli Search" that used page titles to determine importance of individual webpages.  The algorithm used for "Hooli Search" has gone through a lot of iterations and is being improved as we speek.

Hooli's mission is to make technology available to everyone and make a world a better place through it.  Throughout its history, Hooli has demonstrated over and over that you can make money without doing evil, but just pure good.